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Hi and welcome to the multilingual Ninelive's WIKI !

Remember this is a collaborative work of several communities, so pay attention to respect the actual work.

  • If you want to participate, welcome ! Just send a e-mail to Wiki Contact to subscribe.

  • And please, before doing any modification here, take a time to read : Begining

And for the new players

A few tricks …

  • Take your time, admire the landscape …
  • You can do the dungeons and boss several times, it gives you XP and good Items.
  • Look at all the feature with the skilltree before choosing one, so you can make a strategy for your player.
  • Explore the map, there are things hiding somewhere.
  • You can play even if you don't achieve the quests.
  • Some quests could be done several times.
  • Enjoy your journey !
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