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GNU Linux Version

I am an actor of the free software, so i am trying to help SmokyMonkeys to get Ninelives working on GNU/Linux OS.
This page is about GNU Linux Ubuntu Debian tests … It is not an official version … yet !


To have Ninelives working on your computer you need at least :

  • A Graphic VGA Card with OpenGL 2.0 or above
  • A Graphic card with at leaast 128 Mb of GPU RAM
  • Hard disk : 1 Gb Free
  • The lastest Graphic Driver installed

Hardware and Operating System compatibility list :

OS Graphic Card Graphic Driver Version Desktop Environment With binary With Wine (PlayOnLinux) Is it Working ?
Linux Mint 17.3 x64
Linux Mint 17.3 x64 NVIDIA Corporation GT218 (GeForce 310) NVIDIA 340 XFCE Login ok, game background ok but GUI won't appear
Xconf open-source Same problem
Debian 8.2 x64 NVIDIA 304
Ubuntu 15.10 x64

SmokyMonkeys sent me a GNU/Linux version of Ninelives from the Unity framework.
With Debian 7 i have the error message :

/lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by ./Ninelives.x86)

With PlayOnLinux (Working)

If you are comfortable with PlayOnLinux you could have a look at this script :

# Date :  2016-02-08
# Last revision : 2016-02-20
# Author : Jacques-Olivier jacques-olivier AT
# Tested on : Debian 7 and 8 64  
# Wine version used to test : 1.6.2 AMD 64
# Pre-requisties : 
# Distribution tested : Debian 7 and 8.2 AMD 64 / Xubuntu 15.10 AMD 64
# Distribuzion that do not work : Xubuntu 15.10 wine-1.6.2 POL  4.2.6 Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)

# Make a test for a previously installation, and ask to erase the Prefix before installation
# test if Gecko is present
# configure *dnsapi.dll integrated

 [ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"

# Variables definitions

# Downloading pictures of the game
# The left.jpg picture must be about 150x356px and the top.jpg picture must be about 60x60px
POL_GetSetupImages "$PICTURES_URL/top.png" "$PICTURES_URL/left.png" "$PICTURES_URL/logo-48x48.png" "$PICTURES_URL/logo-22x22.png" "$TITLE"

# Starting the script
POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "$EDITOR" "$GAME_URL" "$AUTHOR" "$PREFIX"
# Setting prefix path
POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"
# Downloading wine if necessary and creating 64-bit prefix
POL_System_SetArch "AMD64"

# Asking for the last setup installation file
POL_SetupWindow_question "Did you download the latest version of $TITLE from $GAME_URL ?" "Before installing ..."

POL_SetupWindow_InstallMethod "LOCAL"

# Begin game installation
cd "$HOME"
POL_SetupWindow_browse "$(eval_gettext 'Please select the setup file to run')" "$TITLE"
POL_Wine start /unix "$SETUP_EXE"
POL_Wine_WaitExit "$TITLE"
#Create shortcuts
POL_Shortcut "Ninelives.exe" "$TITLE" "" "Game;RPGGame;"


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