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This page is dedicated for new redactors
Remember that this is for a game then … Don't reveal to much :-)


The base language is english, so as much as you can, make the english page and then copy the WIKI page content to your language.
Try to keep english version and your language version as egual as possible.
All the translating process is based on WIKI's Namespaces. When you have a page called en:begining for example, and you clic on your language's flag on the upper-right corner, you will be redirected to a fr:begining page (french example).
If the page already exists, you will be able to modify it, else, just create a new page.
The best practice i think is to copy the english version of the KIKI code and then translate it into your language.

We will use the Japonese wiki as a good inspiration :

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This WIKI is a DokuWiki, so you should go to :

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